Concierge Home Inspection Service

conciergeWhat is a concierge home inspection service?  It is a new business model that provides advantages not available through the typical home inspection service.  It’s a service that increases the value and level of protection for the prospective home buyer.  There are several defining aspects to the concierge home inspection service.

supportThe first defining aspect is that the inspection firm provides specific support to the real estate agent representing the prospective buyer.  The Buyer’s agent is the one person who is orchestrating the entire real estate transaction.  If issues are discovered in the home inspection process it is generally the Buyer’s agent who is tasked with addressing the issues.  By supporting the Buyer’s agent we provide an additional level of support and additional value to the prospective home buyer.

Secondly the concierge home inspection service provides additional services for the consumer at no additional charge that other inspection firms do not normally provide without additional costs.


A re-inspection is the review of those items or issues discovered during the inspection that the prospective buyer has requested the Seller to repair.  It is extremely common for the seller not to have performed the requested repairs or to discover that the repairs were not performed properly.

To get the inspector back out to the property for a re-inspection to review the repairs generally costs the prospective buyer anywhere from $65 to $150.  This additional cost causes many prospective home buyers to balk at having the re-inspection performed.  Many prospective home buyers forego the re-inspection because of the additional cost.  Consequently the prospective buyer may be significantly disappointed and disadvantaged to discover the issues still exist after title transfer has occurred.

In our concierge home inspection service we provide the first two (2) re-inspections at no additional cost.  We have determined that the prospective home buyer is much more apt to have a re-inspection performed when there is no additional cost involved.  This provides an additional level of protection for the prospective home buyer.

Why do we provide two (2) no-cost re-inspections?  Because very often the first re-inspection will reveal issues that were not addressed or not properly addressed.  Once the Listing agent is informed that the repairs are not complete or were not properly completed the inspector will need to return to the property a second time to verify the additional repairs.

If the repairs are not completed or not properly completed after the second re-inspection we are requested to return to the property for a third time we require a $95 re-inspection fee because somebody is obviously wasting our valuable time.

Infrared Thermal Imaging.     

Missing Ceiling Insulation
Missing Ceiling Insulation

Infrared thermal imaging is the single most critical advancement in the home inspection industry.  It allows the inspector to find issues that are not visible to the naked eye.  The inspector can identify plumbing leaks and moisture, missing insulation, overheating electrical breakers, switches and receptacles.  With infrared thermal imaging equipment the inspector can see leaking HVAC units and leaking ducting.

Many home inspectors charge an additional fee for breaking out their thermal infrared equipment during the course of an inspection.  We believe that this equipment is just another tool that allows us to do our job better.  We don’t believe that the consumer should have to pay one dime extra for us to provide the best job we are capable of performing utilizing all the available technology we can employ.

We use thermal infrared equipment extensively in the course of our inspections and there is no additional charge.  We do not have different levels of service that come at an additional charge.  We perform the best inspection we are capable of performing on each and every inspection.

Mold Survey

mold and moistureSome people are very concerned about the prospect of mold existing in the home they are considering for purchase.  Mold needs three components in order to become established and propagate: Mold spores; cellulose fiber; and moisture.  Take away any one of the three components and mold cannot become established or grow.

  • Mold spores are a naturally occurring substance in the atmosphere. You’re breathing them right now. You can’t stop them from entering your home.
  • Cellulose fiber is in many building products including wood. You can’t remove cellulose fiber from your home.
  • Moisture is the only controllable variable.

This is not Portland, Oregon, or Seattle Washington where there is so much moisture in the air that mold grows on the sides of homes and on the sidewalks.  Here, in Southern Nevada, we have such an arid climate that if a home is vacant for more than three weeks all the water evaporates from the toilets in the home.

In a mold survey we review the home for visible mold and for conditions that would be conducive to the establishment and growth of mold.  The two most common areas where leaks are found are at the plumbing connection behind the clothes washer and at the kitchen refrigerator water line connection.  Using infrared thermal imaging equipment often leaks can be observed at plumbing connections below sinks and around the base of toilets that are not visible to the naked eye. Other sources of moisture can come from HVAC condensate and lawn irrigation sprinklers impacting the siding.

Our Mold Survey determines if there is any visible mold or any conditions that would be conducive to the establishment and growth of mold.  With our concierge home inspection service we perform a Mold Survey on every inspection at no additional charge.  It provides the prospective home buyer with an added level of protection and value.

Additional Services

Our concierge home inspection service provides several other services in conjunction with the home inspection that most other inspection companies will charge an additional fee (if they provide the service at all).

  • low e meterLow-E window orientation review. (If even just one Low-E window is reversed it can add substantial cost to cooling the home and drive up electrical utility costs).  We review all accessible windows for proper Low-E orientation.
  • De-winterizing or restoring water service to the home. Many inspectors will not de-winterize or restore service to the home and charge the consumer a cancellation fee.
  • Older homes. Many companies will add an addition fee based on the age of the home.  We have inspected the oldest home in the entire Las Vegas Valley. We love inspecting older homes because it is a greater challenge.  We simply do not charge an extra fee for the age of the home.
  • Lighting pilots in water heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces. Many inspectors will not light a pilot light- and by law they’re not required to operate any appliance that is not configured for normal operation.  We light all pilot lights to be able to provide a more meaningful inspection.
  • Reviewing irrigation systems. Most inspectors do not review irrigation systems because a home inspection is a visual inspection service and the majority of the system is locatepvbd below grade and not visible.  We believe the irrigation / sprinkler system is an important system of the home and although there are limitations to what can be discovered much of the system is able to be reviewed.
  • Reviewing a “representative number” of doors, windows, electrical receptacles and switches, and cabinetry. State law only requires an inspector to review a “representative number” of certain components.  We do not review a representative number of anything; we review all accessible components.
  • tile roofRoofing review. Nevada state law does not require an inspector to physically get on or traverse the roof.  The law only requires the inspector to state the method of observation in the report.  The inspector is legally able to inspect the roof with binoculars as long as the method of review is disclosed in the report.  Of course we think reviewing the roof with binoculars is ludicrous.  We physically traverse every accessible roof in the course of our inspections.

The Greatest Feature of Our Concierge Service

Once we perform an inspection for a client that client becomes a client for life.  If they ever need guidance and direction on anything structural and mechanical related to the home we are an asset to them for as long as they own the home.  If there are modifications or additions being performed to the home- even if they are not related to any items in our inspection report we will be happy to return to the home and review the work- at no charge!

Paul Donohue
Las Vegas & Henderson Home Inspections. Comprehensive reports -Resale, Luxury, New Construction, Licensed since 1999, Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Call 702-967-1733 to schedule your Las Vegas Home Inspection TODAY!

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Las Vegas & Henderson Home Inspections. Comprehensive reports -Resale, Luxury, New Construction, Licensed since 1999, Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Call 702-967-1733 to schedule your Las Vegas Home Inspection TODAY!

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by Red Christian on Caveat Emptor LV
If you want a quality inspection, this is the place!
Was your inspector on time and knowledgeable?: Yes
Was your report delivered on time?: Yes
Did your follow up questions get answered?: Yes

Caveat Emptor was referred to us by our realator for an inspection of a home we were buying. I was impressed from the start of the inspection process. Paul sent an email explaining exactly what to expect from the inspection, what an inspector would an wouldn't do. On the day of the inspection, he arrived on time and went to work. He spent several hours meticulously going over the house and the systems in it. He didn't miss a thing. From some major problems to the very smallest , he noted them all. When he had completed the inspection, he spent another hour with us discussing his findings. He displayed detailed photos, including some thermal images, on his laptop so we could see exactly what he had found. The following morning he sent us a copy of his report, complete with photos, by email. His initial fee included the necessary reinspection to insure that needed repairs were done correctly. I can proceed with the purchase of this home knowing exactly what I am buying. Paul was friendly, patient, meticulous, and most of all professional. If you need a quality inspection, this is the place!

by Danielle on Caveat Emptor LV
Fantastic company, would highly recommend!
Was your inspector on time and knowledgeable?: Yes
Was your report delivered on time?: Yes
Did your follow up questions get answered?: Yes

I was referred to Caveat Emptor by my realtor, who had recently just found out about the organization a few months prior. My inspector was Ralph and I met him at the end of the inspection to run through his findings. Ralph was very professional, knowledgeable and personable, he really did a great job relieving some first time home buyer anxiety. The email listing out expectations that I received prior to the inspection was VERY HELPFUL! It clearly articulated what the inspector would and would not do and provided guidance in the areas that did not fall within their responsibilities. They use infrared technology to detect items behind walls that are not visible, they used a drone (with excellent photo image) to capture photos of my roof and they took plenty of photos throughout the property that were referenced in their inspection. The inspection was received the same day as the inspect, thank you for that! Photos with circles and areas will be helpful for the minor repairs I'll be making. The report was easy to read, included recommendations and where to get easily accessible parts and Ralph also included pricing where he was familiar, SO HELPFUL! I paid $300 for my inspection which also came with 2 free re-inspections (if needed), when most inspection companies seem to have additional charges for re-inspections and are still higher than Caveat Emptor's base price.I'll summarize this company with this: professional, transparent, forthcoming with information, informative, knowledgeable in repair solutions and solution costs and very friendly. Absolutely worth every penny!

by Eddie Stoneking on Caveat Emptor LV
Was your inspector on time and knowledgeable?: Yes
Was your report delivered on time?: Yes
Did your follow up questions get answered?: Yes

For buying a home out of state these guys were top notch. The report they sent was easy to read easy to understand. The real deal here.

My Home Inspection
Was your inspector on time and knowledgeable?: Absolutely
Was your report delivered on time?: Yes it Was
Did your follow up questions get answered?: Yes

I was very pleased at how thorough my inspector was. I was able tp understand everything that was noted. I will certainly recommend this company to anyone needing this typw of service.

by Rachel L on Caveat Emptor LV
Was your inspector on time and knowledgeable?: Yes
Was your report delivered on time?: Yes
Did your follow up questions get answered?: Yes

We had an excellent experience! Paul was knowledgeable, professional and his attention to detail was spot on. We very much appreciate him including the complementary 2 visits for a reinspection after the Intial inspection since we had some work that needed to be done and we wanted to make sure things were done properly

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